Asphalt mortar concrete pump series

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Asphalt mortar concrete pump series
Asphalt mortar concrete
Main features:
1.Fully meet the construction site requirements of mortar perfusion
2.Apply to the high wear, pressure, oil, alkali-resistance and easy to clean dedicated hose (inner diameter 51 mm, 20m for one section) and quick coupling for cement emulsified asphalt mortar. Light quality, easy handing and quick installation.
3.Actual distance is affected by the hose way and mortar status etc.
4.Easily meet the technical requirement for pumping mortar.
5.The dry agglomerate and residual hardened mortar are not allowable.
6.It could directly connect with the standby power box of Mortar mixer truck, No External Power Supply.
7.Easy to clean
8.Easy to transport, transit and larger capacity
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